Some Other ASCII gTLD and ccTLD Single-Letter Domains

Domain name
Current user
URL shortcut for Amazon, generally used by Amazon in SMS messages for informing purchasers of activity on an order
Astana Inc.
Brian Cartmell
C.IM is a general, mainly English-speaking Mastadon instance.
URL shortcut for
URL shortcut for (DraGonSayen)
Crypto-based and decentralized video-sharing platform
Homepage URL
URL shortcut for MailTime Email Messenger
FinTech Labs
Google's official URL shortcut to help Chinese users locate Google
Google's official URL shortcut
Global Grid Gallery
London based ISP
URL Shortener
Homepage for the H+ research project, owned by Alessandro Perilli
URL shortcut for Citinews
Top Level Design
Volvo Cars' car sharing service
URL shortcut for Messenger
URL shortcut for website builder
URL shortcut for public radio network NPR
URL shortcut for
Q.Digital, Inc.
LibReddit instance
URL shortcut to Snapchat's download page
URL shortcut for
Twitter & X Corp.
Twitter's official URL shortcut
URL Shortener
URL shortcut for Telegram
The United Arab Emirates' Government portal
An URL Shortener
URL shortcut for Visa
V Foundation
Redirects to, has some assets for (under
The official Wikimedia Foundation URL Shortener
Homepage URL
Shortcut to X Careers, a service at X Development
Homepage for X Development
Shortcut to YMCA
The New School
Website of The New School in Moscow

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