Choosing the right domain name for your business crucial for establishing and online presence. However, the dynamic nature of the digital landscape often requires flexibility in managing your domain names. Our service is providing three key options: Hold, Redirect, and Lease. Explore these respective benefits.


* You can upgrade or downgrade your domain status whenever you want


 Hold Option:

- Enables you to have Brand Protection and Consistency

- Helps you with Brand Recall & Recognition and to establish Authority and Credibility

- Gives you the freedom for Strategic Planning and prepares you for Future Expansion

- Allows you to have 1 alias Email Address , (i.e. 𐊐@𐊐.com)

Brings you a Competitive Advantage instantly and Investment Potential on future (In 2026 we will announce an income plan for our holders)

- Grants you Exclusive Ownership Rights with us and ensuring that no one else can use that specific domain

Holding a domain name refers to the act of reserving it without associating it with an active website. Here are a few benefits of opting for the Hold option;

- Future-proofing: By holding a domain name, you ensure that it remains available for your future use. This prevents competitors or individuals with similar interests from acquiring it, safeguarding your brand's identity.

- Idea exploration: Holding a domain name allows you to test various ideas and concepts without committing to a specific website or business venture. It provides you with the freedom to brainstorm, refine your vision, and strategize without time pressure.

- Investment potential: Holding a premium domain name can be an investment in itself. Over time, domain names have gained value, (especially .com & .net extensions) and certain names have even been sold for exorbitant amounts. (2 , 3 , 4) By holding a valuable short domain name, you can potentially capitalize on its worth in the future.

For more additional info, please check the 'Chart' page.


Redirect Option:

All benefits from Hold Option PLUS

- Use it for an Existing Project

- Shorten your Current Web-Page with a link

- Bring potential customers from Social Media or other Platforms

- Get up the 10 alias Email Addresses , (i.e. 𐊐@𐊐.com)

- Fewer chances of typos. Letters (symbols & characters) represent your brand

- Easy to Remember, Easy to Convey, Easy to Go Viral

- Suitable for Mobile & Tablet usage

- You will experience increased traffic and become more brandable.

Redirecting a domain name involves linking a domain name to an existing website or web page. Let's explore the advantages of utilizing this option;

- Enhanced user experience: Redirecting a domain name to an existing website ensures that visitors can reach your content easily. If you have multiple domain names associated with your brand, especially redirecting them to a central website using a short domain name helps consolidate your online presence and avoids confusion.

- SEO benefits: When you redirect a short domain name to an established website, you can inherit its search engine optimization (SEO) advantages. This means that any traffic or authority the existing website has acquired over time can be passed on to the redirected domain, improving its visibility in search engine rankings.

- Marketing campaigns: Redirecting a short domain name can be particularly useful during marketing campaigns. You can create catchy, memorable domain names that redirect to specific landing pages or promotions. This allows you to track the success of your campaigns and analyze visitor engagement more effectively.

For more additional info, please check the 'Chart' page.


Lease Option: 

All benefits from Hold Option PLUS , gain more benefits from Redirect Option

- Immediate Access to your Premium Domain

- Create a New Project and Manage it Whenever you want

- Get up the 100 alias Email Addresses , (i.e. 𐊐@𐊐.com)

- Design many sites up to 100 Sub-Domains (i.e. design.𐊐.com)

- Minimized Start-up Costs and Cost-Effective solution instead of Purchase it

- Flexible leasing time allows you to have short-term usage permission. It does not impose a long-term commitment requirement

- Ensures a smooth online presence with NO Trademark Issues

- Customer-friendly Predetermined Terms and Legal Protections

- No hidden fees. All Fixed Payments and individual agreements to continue with Rolling Contracts

- Sounds Professional and Instant Recognition

Leasing a domain name involves renting it from the owner for a specific period. Consider the following benefits of choosing the Lease option;

- Short & Long term projects: If you have a temporary project or marketing campaign, leasing a domain name offers flexibility. You can secure a domain name that aligns with your campaign's theme or target audience, giving you a competitive edge. If you have a permanent project or marketing campaign, leasing a domain name brings several advantages, such as a consistent brand identity and SEO benefits. Search engines favor well-established domains, providing your website with better rankings and increased organic traffic.

- Cost-effectiveness: Leasing a domain name can be more affordable than purchasing it outright. This is especially beneficial if you have budget constraints or are unsure about the long-term viability of a particular domain name.

- Experimentation: Leasing allows you to test the performance and viability of a domain name without a substantial financial commitment. You can gauge its impact on your target audience, evaluate its potential for conversion rates, and make informed decisions based on real-world data.

For more additional info, please check the 'Chart' page.


When it comes to managing domain names, having options is crucial for adaptability and scalability. Whether you choose to Hold, Redirect, or Lease a domain name, each option offers unique benefits to suit different business needs. By understanding the advantages of these options, you can make informed decisions that align with your online strategy, brand identity, and financial considerations. 

Currently we are the only company can provide these options in the world.