Proposed Updates to the GNSO Operating Procedures

GNSO Working Group Self-Assessment

At the direction of the GNSO Council, the GNSO Council Committee for Overseeing and Implementing Continuous Improvement (CCOICI) reviewed the existing GNSO Working Group Self-Assessment (WGSA) survey as well as requirements outlined in the GNSO Operating Procedures. As a result of this review, the CCOICI has proposed several updates to the different documents that related to the WGSA that aim to reflect that:

  • Stating objective of WGSA: inform the Chartering Organization of potential issues that might need to be immediately addressed (periodic survey) or for future efforts (closure survey);
  • Policy Development Process (PDP) Team charter to state if and when a periodic survey and/or closure is expected to take place to allow the GNSO to customise the cadence of surveys for a project based on the length, structure, and milestones of that PDP;
  • Clarity around what will be publicly available and with whom information is shared;
  • New/updated questions focused on performance of Working Group (WG) leadership, Council liaison and staff support.

In addition, the CCOICI has recommended:

  • A new periodic survey template that would normally be conducted after the publication of the Initial Report (unless charter indicates differently, or Council decides differently), including PDP 3.0 proposed survey questions regarding leadership;
  • A set of technical requirements that the survey tool would ideally possess, including functionality that would send a unique link to each WG member, thereby permitting anonymous responses but ensuring that only WG members respond;
  • Council leadership, in consultation with liaison to the WG, may decide to modify the survey, if deemed necessary;

The updates proposed as well as new aspects can be reviewed in the CCOICI’s report to the GNSO Council.

GNSO Statement of Interest

The CCOICI tasked the GNSO SOI Task Force (TF) to review the current Statement of Interest (SOI) requirements and make recommendations accordingly. Based on its review and the outreach that the SOI conducted to the community, the TF is recommending that the current SOI is split into two distinct parts, namely a General Statement of Interest, which contains general information about a participant, and an Activity Specific Statement of Interest, which provides information specific to the activity that a participant has requested to participate in. Further details about the TF’s recommendations can be found here.

The TF has also made available a sample form that can be filled out that will allow the community to better appreciate the intent of these recommendations as well as the updated SOI questions. At the end of this form, you are also invited to share your feedback on the proposed updates to the SOI which will be reviewed by the SOI TF together with other input that may be provided through this Public Comment forum.

Miscellaneous Updates

The staff support team also identified a number of miscellaneous updates to the GNSO Operating Procedures such as updating links and references, and correcting minor typographical and grammatical errors. These have also been reflected in the redline version of the GNSO Operating Procedures. The changes have also been summarized in this document.

The CCOICI welcomes community input on any aspects of the recommendations in relation to the WGSA as well as the SOI, and specifically the proposed updates to the GNSO Operating Procedures.